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JUST like nature intended


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 naturally pure

100% natural -  organic - vegan 

Hand crafted, plant based skincare that gently works


in harmony with your skin to nourish, hydrate and


balance the acid mantle.

why waterless?


Most skincare products use water (up to 80%) as their main ingredient, which  


precipitates the need for preservatives and emulsifiers.

An anhydrous (waterless) product doesn't require chemical  preservatives. So


you won't find parabens, sulphates or synthetic fillers in any of my products,


just lots of natural, organic, skin loving ingredients. 

No water equals more of what is good for you, so each formulation is packed with


 rich botanical extracts, butters full of vitamins and minerals and skin


smoothing oils.

And because I've used more, you don't have too.. 

A little goes a long way with my potent pots of plant power

customer testimonials

The face oil is lovely with a  gorgeous smell that is intoxicating and zingy! 

The Cocoa Rose cleansing bar is fabulous. It left my skin feeling really soft and moisturised. 

The cleansing bar is so hydrating, it doesn't dry my skin out all, in fact it feels soft and velvety - thank you! 

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