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Oil meet you in the bathroom..

Oil cleansing - it seems as if it's de rigueur these days.. and maybe you think I'm a little late to the oil cleansing party, but let me assure you, I'm not. In fact I've been searching out alternatives to soap and water my whole life.

It all started as a baby, when my Mum discovered I was allergic to soap and water.. I can hear the cries of "eek" as I type! Anyhow, unable to dip me into a bath full of bubbly fun, she had to get creative, armed only with a bottle of baby oil and some fluffy towels.. the phrase "slippery little sucker" was coined by an Irish mammy long before Pretty Woman came along!

And that's the way it was for years. My poor Mum slathering me in oil whilst trying to get a proper diagnosis.. I was taken to doctors, dermatologists and homeopaths.. diagnosed with, and treated for, every skin condition going! From eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis., to psychological stress related conditions!

Eventually, they settled on xerosis - which roughly translates to abnormally dry skin, delightful right? Not so much as it turns out.. especially when the years rushed by and I was thrown into an early menopausal melting pot.. because guess what, hormonal changes make your skin dry and itchy.. err yeah thanks Mother Nature, got that memo early!

I grew out of the water allergy thankfully, but it still leaves my skin feeling tight and itchy, and I have a lifetime of looking for alternatives... don't get me started on Oilatum!

My personal foray into oil cleansing began with with olive oil - basically because we had it in bucket loads at our house, and one of my Mum's hippy friends told her it might work. It did. So well in fact, that I stuck with it for years - but it smells weird and to be honest, slapping the salad oil on one's face doesn't scream luxury!

I should point out that my early twenties came equipped with an interest in essential oils, a vast array of natural health books and a voracious appetite for learning - so my oils became more interesting and definitely smelled better!

These days my aromatherapy" interest" has expanded into a deep knowledge and passion for botanicals, thanks to years of training and many weird experiments!

I still use oils to cleanse my face, but getting older has brought with it a desire to up the luxury stakes. I know there are some beautiful cleansing oils out there, I've even created a few along the way! But as someone who likes massage but dislikes mess, I prefer a more solid product, which is how my Camelia and Mango cleansing butter came about.

It's a beautiful combination of Camelia, Mango and Jojoba and yes, my trusty Olive oil! I've added some luxurious, skin loving butters plus calendula and chamomile to soothe and calm sensitive skin.. It truly is a labour of love that literally melts away make up, dirt and stress (the softly scented citrus oils help with that!)

Starting a skincare brand has always been about sharing the love for me.. I take time over my products and use luxurious, organic ingredients because each time you use it you should feel Pretty Special x

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Love your story of how your products evolve Lisa

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