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Stop and smell the roses..

What's your favourite smell? Freshly brewed coffee, apple cinnamon buns.. new babies? I have to admit, I love them all.. but my absolute favourite is the heat smell that hits you when you step off a plane.. it's a hard one to explain, but it's a heady combination of excitement, adventure and endless possibilities.. I can't say I feel the same about cat food, but the smell does remind me to feed Milo!

And that's what scent does.. it activates the part of the brain that controls our emotions.. we are constantly sending messages to our brains via our noses.. triggering memories and reactions.. it's a wonderful set up!

To be honest with you, part of the reason I became an Aromatherapist is because so many of my happiest memories are attached to smell... chatting with my Granny in her lovely rose garden, hugging my Mum and getting a waft of Chanel No 5, salty sea air as I get closer to my Dad's house and the smell of cut grass from the many walks my sister and I go on.. the other reason of course is just that I absolutely love nature!

Our signature scents were created from a desire to inspire happy feelings and emotions and to invoke a deeper connection with the spiritual self, our aim is always to treat the whole - taking care of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

As we step into Spring, I find myself drawn towards Serenity - an uplifting fragrance of citrus oils with frankincense and myhrr, a beautiful blend of oils that help draw nervous energy away from the brain and down to the root chakra, keeping me grounded, which seems fitting as this time of year I love being in the garden and reconnecting with Mother Earth.

Moving into summer I like to change over to Heart and Soul - a more floral scent that brings balance and harmony to the heart, allowing that positive sunshine energy to flow in!

And of course our Beauty Sleep oil is always on hand - I literally apply it every night and I'm very liberal with the pillow spray!

Now is the perfect time to try our signature scents if you haven't already - just sign up to our newsletter and join our club for an exclusive Mothers Day discount.

I'm off to do a little meditation, clutching of course, a bottle of Serenity x

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