A trio of room sprays to calm, soothe and destress the mind, body and soul.

Beauty Sleep - A blend of oils to aid and promote a restful sleep as well as open the crown chakra, paving the way for a balanced spiritual life.

Serenity - a blend of oils to help draw nervous energy away from the brain and down to the root chakra, helping you to feel more grounded, pragmatic and reassured.

Heart & Soul - A blend of oils to bring harmony, balance and support to your heart chakra, allowing positive energy to flow in.

Aromatherapy Room Spray Gift Set

  • Spray into the room or apply a spritz or two to furnishings/ pillows to allow for a more lingering scent.

    Remember to patch test on a small area first

  • Do not ingest. Please rinse thoroughly if any gets in your eyes and seek medical advice if irritation continues.