Darker evenings, cooling temperatures and beautiful jewel coloured leaves are all signs that Autumn is upon us.

It’s a time of cosy nights in, fluffy blankets and spiced lattes, Autumn was quite literally made for Hygge living!

It’s also the season that inspired my new collection of home fragrances.

Autumn is a blend of cassia, clove, coconut, pumpkin and rich maple. It’s a decadent scent that beautifully encapsulates the cosy season.


Autumn Room Spray

  • Spritz around the room as often as needed to freshen up your space. Try spraying a little onto your curtains so that the scent catches on the breeze or onto cushions where plumping will release the scent *

    *It's advisable to do a patch test on fabrics before use

    Rinse immediately if product gets in eyes or on skin and seek medical attention if symptoms persist