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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Pretty Special Beauty products totally natural?
    Yes! All ingredients are 100% natural. I only use plant based cold pressed oils, butters, clays and botanical extracts. There are no synthetic fillers, alcohol, chemicals or refined ingredients in my products and I pride myself on sourcing the finest, sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. All my products are vegan.
  • How to use Pretty Special skincare products
    All my products are known as anhydrous (without water) - which means they are made entirely without synthetical chemicals and are self preserving. To ensure your skincare stays fresh and preserved for up to 6 months please use the spatula/ spoon provided. Make sure that water does not come into contact with the product (unless instructed otherwise) and do not use wet fingers to extract product.
  • How long will my product last?
    If you follow all the instructions provided your new skincare should last up to 6 months after opening (unless you love it so much you use it up!)
  • How should I store my products?
    Keep your Pretty Special beauty products in cool, dry place.
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