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Your Wellbeing is
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Here at Pretty Special Beauty, our products showcase our passion for wellness and are formulated to enhance your overall wellbeing. 


Top Tips for Common Ailments


In aromatherapy, we refer to anxiety as nervous tension as it can manifest as physical and mental symptoms, including insomnia, headaches, breathlessness, lack of concentration and even heart palpitations.


The trick is to calm the nervous system, treat the symptoms and then get to the root cause of the issues. Benzoin, bergamot, chamomile, lavender and ylang ylang are just some of the oils that can help. Try adding a few drops of chamomile to a warm bath or citrus oils to an oil diffuser to lift the spirits.


Our trio of meditation oils are perfect for easing the symptoms of anxiety, bringing joy and clarity, and even helping you get restful sleep. Try going on “wellness walks”, take long, deep breaths and notice your surroundings – this helps slow down the heart and bring you back into a calm state.


One of the main issues of those suffering with stress is insomnia, a common complaint that nearly half the population suffers with. I very often write about the importance of sleep over on my social accounts as it’s so vital for our whole immune system. Aside from the beauty benefits a good night’s rest affords us, the spiritual benefits of rest are also important. Lack of sleep can block our creativity, intuition, and power. When we slow down and get quiet, we can hear our own wisdom and inner knowledge.

Aromatherapy can help us reconnect with our spiritual selves, helping to relax and restore the body whilst bringing balance and harmony to the nervous system. Lavender and chamomile are long associated with sleep, and ylang ylang also has sedative properties. A good nighttime routine is essential for restful sleep – so turn off those devices, run a warm, oil infused bath, spritz your bed with our Beauty Sleep Pillow Mist and use our Beauty Sleep Meditation oil to calm the system.  

Common Cold

Using aromatherapy for colds can take the form of either prevention or treatment. Eucalyptus, ginger and tea tree oil can help support and boost the immune system throughout the year.


Remember, aromatherapy doesn’t always have to be in the form of essential oils, so try adding ginger to your smoothies, soups - or even drink ginger tea (one of my favourites!) - and add fresh eucalyptus in the shower to give you the benefits of steam inhalation while making your bathroom smell incredible!


The same oils and methods can be used to support once a cold has set in, but you may need additional help such as antibacterial lemon, thyme and cinnamon bark. You can diffuse these, make hot drinks or even add a few drops to a handkerchief.  

Facial Massage: How to Guide

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Face Yoga

The aim of facial yoga is designed  to improve stress and release tension which we often carry in our faces. The process also improves blood flow, strengthen and tone the facial muscles as well as improving the overall appearance of skin and offering a moment of relaxation.

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Gua Sha

Even though Gua Sha is often associated with facial massage, it is a process that can also be used all over the body. The process, which is derived from Chinese medicine,  involves using a Gua Sha tool over the skin and is believed to boost blood flow, lift and sculpt the skin and help to remove toxins.

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Facial Cupping

Facial cupping has many benefits including increased blood flow and improved elasticity in the face, helping to rejuvenate and brighten a dull complexion. It also helps to sculpt, tone and firm the skin and reduces the appearance of discolouration and fine lines.​ It can also relieve tension carried in the face.

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Looking to Improve your Wellness routine?
We can help...


Meditation Oils

Our Room Sprays and Perfume Oils are designed to support your meditational practices and emotional wellbeing as well as offering a sensory experience.


Facial Tools 

Crystal facial tools are incredibly important within your beauty routine, from Gua Sha tools to acupressure wands, they bring a wealth of health and skincare benefits.


Healthy Recipes we are currently loving

For us to look good on the outside, it is important that we take care of ourselves on the inside too. We love nothing more than a healthy, home-cooked meal and these are some of our current favourites that are delicious, vegan and easy to prepare...

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