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Welcome to the epitome of tranquility, where the harmonious fusion of healing crystals and color therapy creates a truly transformative and rejuvenating experience. Immerse yourself in the synergy of nature's gifts as you explore our collection of exquisite gemstone diffusers designed to elevate your well-being.


Our Gemstone Diffusers go beyond the ordinary, blending the ancient wisdom of crystal healing with the therapeutic influence of colors to bring you a holistic and revitalizing journey. Each diffuser is meticulously crafted with hand-selected gemstones, renowned for their unique energetic properties, combined with carefully chosen hues to enhance the power of chromotherapy.


Our Clear Quartz Crystal Diffuser is a harmonious fusion of pure clarity and visual serenity. Often associated with spiritual growth and enlightenment, clear quartz is believed to open the mind to higher guidance, connect with one's inner self, and facilitate spiritual awakening. It's also thought to bring harmony and balance to various aspects of life, by helping to align one's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies, fostering a sense of overall equilibrium.


Amethyst is renowned for its calming energy and invites a sense of peace and balance into your space, promoting a serene atmosphere conducive to deep and restful sleep. Whether you're winding down after a busy day or establishing a bedtime routine, let the calming energies of the crystals and the aromatic blend of one of our diffuser oils relax, calm and soothe the senses.


Orange Calcite is revered for its ability to inspire creativity, increase motivation, and promote a sense of joy and vitality. Transform your surroundings into a sanctuary of serenity and inspiration with our Orange Calcite Crystal Diffuser. Embrace the beauty of natural healing and awaken your senses to a world of possibility and positivity.


Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of love and compassion with our exquisite Rose Quartz Crystal Diffuser. Handpicked for its delicate pink hues and heart-opening properties, Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love and compassion. Whether you're seeking to foster deeper connections, cultivate self-love, or simply create a serene atmosphere in your home, our Rose Quartz Diffuser is the perfect companion.


Elevate your sensory experience with an aromatic fusion of essential oils from our diffuser oils. Whether you seek a subtle background fragrance or a more immersive experience, our crystal diffusers provide versatility to suit your mood.


Indulge in the captivating dance of color and crystal energy, and let our Gemstone Diffusers become a radiant focal point in your daily self-care routine. Enhance your atmosphere, uplift your spirit, and embark on a path of holistic healing with the perfect blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary elegance. Welcome to a world where the beauty of gemstones meets the soothing embrace of color therapy – your journey to balance and rejuvenation begins here.


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Handmade in our micro labratory in London. Natural. Vegan. Never tested on animals

Gemstone Diffuser


To set up your diffuser for the first time

Unpack all the components of the Crystal Diffuser and evenly distribute the Crystals and Himalayan salt into the the jar.

How to Use

Add a few drops of your chosen diffuser oil (sold separately) onto the salt and place the lid of the jar back on, leaving to infuse for approx 20 minutes. Adjust the number of drops based on your personal preference and the size of the room. Once infused, remove the lid and enjoy your chosen essential oil blend. Allow the soothing scents and energies to fill your space, creating a tranquil environment for ultimate relaxation.

Additional Information

The Himalayan salt should last for approximately 6 months (depending on use). If you decide to try another scent please replace the Himalayan salt.

Ensure that you keep the lid on the jar when not in use to keep the salt, and crystals, looking their best for optimum performance.

Embrace the beauty and therapeutic benefits of your crystal diffuser, combining the calming properties of aroma salt, the positive energies of crystals, and the aromatic allure of essential oils. Elevate your surroundings and immerse yourself in a personalized, holistic experience.

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