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Cleopatra's Secrets..

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

How harnessing beauty secrets from the past is your key to a beautiful skincare regime..

Everybody knows that Cleopatra was a great beauty, and that Ancient Egyptians loved henna, kohl and cats (I can totally relate believe me!) But, did you also know they were masters in holistic therapy? Beauty, magic and medicine were so intertwined for them, that even the simple act of applying eye makeup was steeped in rituals.. not only was it aesthetically pleasing (who doesn’t love a smoky eye?!) it was thought to repel flies, protect the eyes from the sun, ward off infection, AND offer protection against the Evil Eye! Now that really IS connecting the mind to the body, spirit and soul!

They were a civilisation literally obsessed with beauty… body care was such an integral part of daily life that workers were sometimes paid in fragranced body oils… (Personally I only like the Gold part of gold, frankincense and myrrh!!)

Cleopatra herself was an accomplished aromatherapist, she blended, and sold, her own perfumes, wrote a book on beauty and is even credited with owning the very first beauty salon.. all this while ruling Egypt and seducing Mark Antony!

This is why, when I first started formulating skincare, I turned to the ancients for inspiration and Cleo became my muse. I wanted to create skin and body care that made women feel irresistible and seductive… what could be nicer than massaging an exotically scented oil over your body (or your lover?!) And who doesn’t want a serum that makes you feel like a goddess?

Don’t get me wrong, all my products have a job to do (and do it well, so I’m told..) but it’s my belief there is so much more to beauty than just rubbing a few creams in! When you use a Pretty Special product I want you to feel that you are unlocking the mysteries of the ancient world, and rediscovering yourself… a gorgeous, sensuous woman who deserves to be pampered in style..

Everything about a beauty product should make you feel good about yourself.. from opening a beautiful box to breathing in a wonderful scent.. it should all make you feel Pretty Special.. because you are!

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